Saturday, January 28, 2012

Spread the Wealth

Okay, just heard a politician on tv speaking about how the "financial pie" in America is uneven. A small group making lots of money while a large majority aren't and how he was planning on "leveling the pie". that the governments fault? My mommies fault? I love living in America for this reason. If one man can any can. If someone can come up with a great idea and financially set his and thousands of other families financially free why not me? Why not you? We have 24 hrs in a day how we spend it determines a lot. I don't believe it's the governments responsibility to solve people's financial woes. If we would wake up and be honest our financial pains are due to bad choices. Sure, sometimes things happen that set us back, rainy days I believe Mr. Ramsey calls them. It's not that anything cost too much is simply that we don't have enough money to buy it. The whole point of this post is that we live in the greatest place in the world where opportunity is not limited to race, sex, age or background. The only crippling factors I see are our own self limiting beliefs. So how about the government stop focusing on spreading out the money and begin to focus on educating young people in schools on financial education. Then maybe our elected officials will truly understand debt and it's crippling powers and create ways to eliminate it. Could you imagine a nation that understands wealth and what to do with it!? Then maybe we could have less paid pro athletes and movie stars and more clean drinking water across the world. See the government doesn't have to "spread the wealth" when compassionate people are financially educated.

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  1. Hear hear, my friend. Any man who quotes Ramsey is worth a listen in my book.