Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Plain Salt

Was recently in a teachers lounge and this was sitting on the table.  I couldn't help but think how many people are okay with living their lives like this. Plain Salt, it just reeks of mediocrity. Most people are happy with the mundane and feel to ask more is to not be content. I feel that we were created with an inner urge to serve, to be more and want more for ourselves and our families. When I hear the phrase, "you just need to be content" I tend to cringe because all I'm hearing is an excuse of why they quit trying. I struggle with this myself, this idea of contentment. I find myself questioning if I should be more, could be more.

I walked into Walmart yesterday to pick up a few items and decided to wheel down the baking section to check out the salts. I was blown away at the vast selection of salts. Kosher Salt, Sea Salt, Natural Sea Salt and the list goes on and on. What amazed me was that the Always Save salt wasn't the one I would have picked. Not because it wasn't the prettiest or best salt for my body but because it would have only saved me 20-40 cents from the name brand salts! Is this what Always Save Plain People do? Take the easier route because it can save us a little time, money, or pain? I read a quote once that said, "I will not trade what I want most for what I want in the moment." Yet millions of people do this day in day out. They trade the beach sunrises, mountain sunsets, debt freedom, financial freedom, and family vacations for the mundane, the safe and the comfortable. What about you? I now more than ever believe that we were not created with a spirit of timidity but one of courage and continual desire for growth. What is going to make you stand out and set you apart? What will you leave on this earth when you no longer walk it?

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  1. Hey Jimmy. Way to keep up the blog man! Hope you've been doing well lately.