Monday, January 18, 2010

Man boobs...

Okay, let me just start if you are offended at this post I'm sorry but it's life...I found a picture that I thought was "appropriate" for my readers. Here's the skinny, I don't want my 30's to involve these. Just the other day I was in the kitchen fixing some supper for the kids and Caleb made me laugh and for some odd reason at that very moment I noticed more than ever a slight jiggle on my chest. Now, I'm not ignorant I understand I have developed some flab on my stomach but to feel my chest bounce a sense of fear and sudden anxiety overtook me. It was obvious that even though MY world stopped everyone else's didn't. Caleb had noticed the sudden fear over take my face and posed the question, "What's wrong daddy?". What was I to say I couldn't say, "well son, you're dad is developing man boobs and it's his only fear in life...", that just wouldn't have worked out well. So I began to laugh/cry again to make things better. Honestly, one of, if not my biggest fears is to have a gut so big that I lose sight of my toes. So, tomorrow starts my journey of dropping the weight. It starts with better eating and continuing the exercising. Pray for me and my loss of man boobs.


  1. oh James!! thats hilarious!! the picture just adds to the post lol...good luck on your more Monsters

  2. Jimmy you are so funny!!!!!! Just remember monsters are NOT your friend. We miss you!

  3. You know you've let yourself go when you can't even spring for matching cups.