Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Snow Days

So my job pretty well rocks. I get the opportunity to impact hundreds of lives of students while having a blast doing it, and, I get snow days. I'm like a little kid again. Everyone's praying for no snow and or ice and I'm just saying BRING IT ON! Okay, maybe not the ice but you know what I mean. We have had one of the coldest winters I can remember since I was a little kid. I haven't seen snow stay on the ground this long in years. With another "chance" of a snow tonight it might mean another snow day or two to finish out the week. Sweet. The high on Friday is 5...yeah, I said 5. Wow...looks like I'll be hitting up my new found Atari. Sure I could spend 300 bucks on a system or 50 bucks for 2 with 43 games and joysticks and paddles...yeah...that's right. Brad Paisley is right, welcome to the future. We thought that was intense and when Pit came out the graphics were astounding! Now we play games that are so life like I feel guilty for shooting someone. Anywho. Hope all is well in Blog land for anyone bored enough to have followed along this far. Good day and God bless. I mean that.

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