Wednesday, September 9, 2009


This is there I was in my under roos finishing packing for Colorado when I realized that it was approaching 9 pm. I sprinted to my computer and eagerly awaited the moment. It's really hard to fathom but let me try and paint the picture. Bushnell binoculars on the ground along with business tools, and a few great books to read while in the mountains. There is a "lava" lamp that Caleb got from somewhere that plugs into the computer with hundreds of sparkles in it floating about and it periodically switches colors, totally mesmerizing. Anyway, what was I saying? Oh yes, the clock. The anticipation was so intense I felt like our dog watching me grill a package of hot dogs just praying that one of those little bundles of mystery meat rolls off the grill and into my kingdom. Then it happened, difficult to explain really but within a second I feel my body begin to explode into thousands of little pieces of matter floating around the room. It's as if I was watching it all unfold from the ceiling of my office. Suddenly, I hear footsteps, it was Ashley. What was I going to do, thoughts of my children, my future and my skivvy's lying in the computer chair where I once set so comfortably. She called my name wanting to know if Caleb had brushed his teeth yet and as she came into the room infuriated of my not answering her question she sees me floating in thousands of pieces around the room. She, without hesitation, throws her hands on her hips and shouts, "for crying out loud Jimmy pull yourself together." So here I am.


  1. HAHAHAHAHA!!!! THAT is funny! I'm so excited that you are now in the blogosphere! :)