Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Okay, so today was 9.9.09 and I received an email from my friend Zac this morning that said if you stare at your watch when it turned 9 am 9 minutes and 09 seconds you "could" explode. So, of course I tried it. However, I didn't explode, thankfully but then I began to think...wait, what if it was 9 PM 9 minutes and 09 seconds? So if this is my last blog post you will know what happened because you can bet I will be staring at my watch tonight starting at straight up 9PM just in case my watch is fast...


  1. Oh my really do crack me up. I sure hope you don't explode that sure would be a shame. So I guess it's look at your own risk! I'm not sure if I can risk it ;)

  2. I'm noticing that this is your last blog post... and I'm concerned. How did it turn out? Jimmy? Jimmy!?