Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Every 6 Months...whether I need to or not.

I just got off the phone with Chris Widener, on our first coaching call regarding goal setting. I mentioned to him how I wanted to blog more and how much I enjoyed blogging and felt I was decent at it. He asked my blog website, looked it up and said, "looks like you blog about every 6 months." Ouch. EVERY SIX MONTHS! Impossible, it must be more! Nope, every 6 months on average. There is power in blogging, power to save, power to change, power to inform and power to empower! I've seen this first hand from the non-profit I work with called Reality Check Inc. We were hosting a fundraiser called "Dancing with the NWA Stars" and had a "blogger mom", aka Kelly Stamps from Northwest Arkansas competing. Her blog has a massive following and the day she announced her help in our fundraiser our website had over 3,000 hits over night! Wow! So what if I treated taking other things that are important like I have my blogging? Like brushing my teeth, or taking a bath? That just wouldn't be right. So here is my commitment to this blog and those interesting in reading. I am marking off 15 minutes a day to blog about something that hopefully will bring value into your lives. It may be a laugh that you needed and can relate to or a challenge in my life we can discuss and glean from. So, hope you have a great night and enjoy!

*If you come across something of value you would like to share feel free to email me at undergrace3@gmail.com. I have twitter, etc and would love to connect in that way as well. I will figure out how to get that on my blog soon! =)

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