Saturday, January 29, 2011

24 Miles...

I missed a day and I apologize for that!  We ate supper as a family last night at one of our favorite Italian places and when we came home with our bellies full I laid down with the kiddos to read a book and the next thing I remember was the clock at 1:30 am!

Today was beautiful, reaching almost 70 here and we took advantage of it.  After work yesterday I ran for a couple miles and today a buddy of mine set out to bike a few miles.  We ended up going 24 miles it was a great ride.  First ride of the season for both of us so we are sore but had a great time.

So what's the nugget in the story?  I can't tell you how many times today I wanted to quit, my legs began to burn my thighs cramped on mile 18.  I lead us down a wrong road and so we had to backtrack once which was a momentum killer! Here's the thing though, we never quit.  We never gave up and when we rolled back up to my friends garage and the emotions and feelings of success set in it was fantastic!  Darren Hardy's book The Compound Effect (a must read), shares that it's the daily disciplines repeated daily that created the MASSIVE results.  Simply put; not quitting.  So many people give up on their dreams and their families dreams when things get tough, maybe a wrong turn or choice, pain is experienced or they've never done it before.  What did you do or not do today that will compound over time?  Jim Rohn says be cautious of the little things like throwing our clothes on the bed or dresser instead of putting them away, not washing that one dish, not making that one call. Remember the key is not quitting.

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